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General Terms and Conditions of Holiday-Apartments24 GbR

§1 Booking

Bookings of all offered accommodations are made exclusively through Holiday-Apartments24 and / or the owners. All correspondence, reservations and payment processing takes place via Holiday-Apartments24. Contractual partners are the respective owner of the property and the guest. Holiday-Apartments24 only acts as an agent on behalf of the owner. A proper accommodation contract is entered into with the booking and the booking confirmation. The general rental conditions must be observed and are part of the rental agreement.


§2 Arrival and departure

Arrival and departure times can vary between the individual properties. The exact time can be found in the booking confirmation and /

or reminder email.

§3 Withdrawal and cancellation conditions

The guest can withdraw from his booking at any time before the start of the trip. The declaration of withdrawal must be made in writing. Cancellation guidelines can be found in the respective terms and conditions of the individual properties.


§4 Liability

The tender for the rental properties was created to the best of our knowledge, inspection and according to the information provided by the owner. For possible deviations e.g. Holiday-Apartments24 assumes no liability due to later changes.


§5 Force majeure

If the fulfillment of the rental contract as a result of force majeure (natural disasters, war, internal unrest) is immediately and significantly impeded, endangered or impaired, both parties can withdraw from the rental contract.


§6 General Obligations

The property may only be inhabited and used with the agreed number of people (adults and children, including any extra beds).

In the event of overcrowding, Holiday Apartments24 and / or the owner reserves the right to refuse unannounced persons. All guests are required to comply with the applicable house rules. Violating these house rules can result in a reprimand from the property without the rental price being fully or partially reimbursed.

Any complaints about the property (including those regarding the cleaning status) must be reported immediately so that remedial action can be taken. Otherwise it is assumed that the guest has found the property to their full satisfaction. All rental items that were damaged or lost during the stay must be replaced by the guest. The guest is obliged to report all defects and damage that arise during the rental period immediately. The guest is responsible for proving that no damage has occurred during his rental period, that he or the people accompanying him are not at fault. The registering guest is personally liable for all passengers.

In the event of a violation, the owner is entitled to give notice of termination without notice and to have the property vacated within one hour. All consequential damages and additional expenses will be passed on to the guest without deduction.


§7 Due diligence

The main registered guest has the duty to treat the rental property with care and to ensure that fellow travelers and relatives also comply with

the rental conditions. The entrance door should always be closed and locked with a key when leaving the property. The resources water

and electricity should be used sparingly. All windows are to be closed when leaving the property in order to avoid possible damage from storms

or burglary.

§8 Severability Clause

Should one of these provisions be ineffective, the effectiveness of the others will not be affected.

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